Our Anaphylaxis course is a 3-4hr practical course which covers the skills and knowledge in the 22300VIC – Course in first aid management of Anaphylaxis

Prerequisite – None. For courses in 2017, achievements will not appear via the USI scheme unless a USI is provided to the instructor. SeeĀ www.usi.gov.au
A Statement of Attainment in 22099VIC – Course in First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis is issued same day and is renewable every 3 years.

Competency Units:
VU21800- Provide first aid management of anaphylaxis
VU21801 – Develop risk minimisation and risk management strategies for anaphylaxis
These units appear on your Anaphylaxis Statement of Attainment

Topics Include:
1. Respond to a severe allergic reaction
2. Provide appropriate first aid treatment for anaphylactic reaction
3. Communicate details of incident
4. Evaluate first aid response to anaphylactic reaction
5. Identify individuals at risk of allegic reactions
6. Develop individual anaphylaxis management plans
7. Implement strategies to prevent allergic and anaphylactic reactions
8. Develop a communication plan to raise awareness of allergic reactions and anaphylaxis